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A number of Impossible Things

  • I saw Mad Max: Fury Road. Twice. First time regular-D, second time fancy-D because there were no theatres showing it in regular-D at a reasonable time.  As in, any time that wasn’t 4pm. THE HELL. I am no fan of fancy-D, and am SO glad I saw the film the first time in regular-D. I loved it. I loved Charlize and her band of strong, capable women. I loved Max and his understanding that survival means putting your ego aside sometimes. I loved the human-sand-dune scene and the sound editing and  I’m super excited to talk about it on the podcast Kristine and I do!
  • A person vital (in a good way)  to my complex, messy, painful,  childhood (you’d think you’d get to grow out of that, but adulthood is just as weird + rough sometimes and I would occasionally like to trade myself in for a slightly different model, one who is better at navigating the topsy-turvy of the inside of her brain), is the poet laureate for Victoria, BC (I am just so proud of her!) and she wrote a poem that references childhood, and us, and you should go read it. I will wait here. Remember: there are always bits of sunlight peeking through the clouds.
  • Ian Curtis died 35 years ago. I didn’t know him, of him, when I was 8, but 5, 6 years later I came to New Order, and the rest is, as the kids say, history. (True Fax: the kids never say the things I claim they did. I’m just tricky like that)
  • I caved and bought a e-reader, the Kobo Aura H20 because I am buying books like a magpie, and running out of bookshelves, and I don’t really want to have to move all the books when the day comes that I decide to move (I also can’t stand reading on my ipad). That doesn’t mean I won’t buy paper books – I have 3 in my Chapters/Indigo cart right now – but that’s because 2 aren’t in ebook, and the third was there b/c free shipping! But, oh, math tells me I can get free shipping on the other two alone *deletes*
  • I am still working on The Light’s Gone Out, Say Goodnight, which has been rejected 3 times, twice for the EXACT same reason. Once is an opinion, twice starts to look a bit like fact. So. I sent it off to another intrepid reader (Jamie) for yet another opinion (my first reader, my T (Karin)  had already helped improve it, as she always does, but needed fresh-eyes), and so I got good advice back and then, a third person (Bear) posted this to her blog:

My earliest decent short stories were all around 1500-3000 words. It wasn’t until I learned to unpack those, to get the interesting bits out of my head and trust that I wasn’t going to make them boring by explaining them, to write them at 5000-7000 words for the same sorts of ideas, that they started selling well and attracting positive comment.

It seems I’ve read 3 things similar to that this week, and finally, I think, after all of this time it might, might be settling in.  I’m not good at unpacking stories. I read my first cozy mystery (Kate Carlisle’s “A High-End Finish) and figured out who the killer was about midway. That NEVER happens. Usually I’m like, oh, hi, because I’m more caught up in mood and character than plot. But mood + character are a niche market if one wants to go anywhere with one’s literary aspirations. I know this and stuff, but knowing and doing are so not the same. Sometimes I read stories, acclaimed stories, and I’m all OMG ENOUGH WITH THE SPOON FEEDING ALREADY, but I feel so alone in this, like a little sproutling waving back and forth in a swift breeze.

I am many things, but I feel my ability to string words together in an unusual, pretty, slightly creepy way i what will ensure my work is never boring.  I think. Hope. Or something.

  • Went to the new hip wafflrey, Buttermilk. It was delicious, if not judicious with the toppings. At the Waffle Window, which if you know me, you have heard me talk about more than about fifty times, everything is piled high and glorious.  Buttermilk’s waffles are regular buttermilk waffles, delicious and billowy and crispy, and certainly worth standing in line for (the line, oh, she was long. Always go places the third day they open. Ha), and I know I will be back.
  • Because it’s may long, the official time in our part of canadaland you can even think about putting flowers out, I repotted my mini roses and the white fluffy flowers whose name I do not know into my planter. I swept the steps and gathered some leaves out, and the old mayor came by (he was handing out leaflets, I don’t really know the old mayor) and when he introduced himself i said OH! HI! Like we were long lost pals and he looked so confused for a second, but no worries, he recovered. It made me giggle.
  • Watched the whole of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt DAMNIT) because was tired of watching TV in which everyone died all of the time. It made me laugh. Then proceeded to start to watch Wayward Pines, the show in which we learn Matt Dillon has not aged. Also, how nice it is to see Matt Dillon again.  Yes, there are dead people, but at least it’s creepy. We’ll see how it lasts over the next 9 episodes. Also! The internet is damn mad at GoT today. I was almost, almost bored of it last season (like 92% bored of it), but now I might just be done, Tyrion Lannister or no. I can just go watch the Station Agent instead.  Also, iZombie is freaking adorable.

I think that’s it, this week is busy with all sorts of stuff, but today is a day of Holiday-ing and I should not waste it.  Aurevoir, mes amises!

Hey! It’s Amanda Tanner (I watch pilots #3)

How To Get Away With Murder:

Caveat: I can’t stand Grey’s Anatomy. I watched earlier seasons, but then the soap, oh! I couldn’t wash it off. So I stopped.

Earlier this year, like 2 mos ago, I randomly binge-watched Scandal, and although it is absolutely ridiculous, it’s currently on the watch list for this season, but we’ll see how long it lasts.



We start with – looks like the standard OMG WE MADE ACCIDENT AND KILLED SOMEONE, but I am suspecting it’s a ruse and it’s just part of their school curriculum. That would be amusing. But hrm, maybe not. Maybe they are really using this trope. Except, what I learned from Scandal is that Shonda usually leads you one way then zips you straight on down another path. But, she didn’t make this story, so.

And, oh, missing girl. Damn. Must not be a trick. I wanted a trick.

I do appreciate the diversity in her shows, though. And Viola Davis! Oh, she’s sassy, I like. Also, trick is that they learn via actual cases. I feel like this might be some kind of violation of client/lawyer privilege? Do I know this? Nopers!

Timeline established? Almost kind of.

Also, why does the new law student live in an apartment that was clearly previously inhabited by a werewolf?

Oh, hey, it’s Amanda Tanner.

These law kids remind me of the House students, they all need a number.

Well, someone’s man-friend is a hottie McHots.

TIMELINE! Wanna know.

Oh, hey, more diversity! Except yanno, all fake! Butter up the nervous gay dude and bam! Evidence. And also naked fun time.  So, feller is a dink, but also dinks!

Hey! It’s Amanda Tanner!

(that might be my new title for this show)

oooh, sneaky deaky makes for random evidence. I suspect they will get this suspect acquitted, because otherwise the show would be called, oh hey, we failed and that dude went to jail that one time. Which is, I might add, not a better title than Hey! It’s Amanda Tanner.

Aww, imminent neighbour romance.

So, main storyline engaging but not overly complicated. Subplot, however. And also, how do you extend the secondary murder through four or five seasons?  Especially when everyone fails at secrets.

Also, who is this dude and why does Viola look so damn nervous?

What did I miss whilst typing?

Ascot feller. Ugh. AH! Wife, husband. Sexy hottie mchots no wonder she looked so scared. And, also more bi-racial marriages, which is awesome.  Go diversity.

Mysterious sad lawyer is sad.  Also mistresses!

Bearded guy is a poop. Mysterious law student is sad. She is the Ally Sheedy of Hey! It’s Amanda Tanner.

Interesting comment by Amanda Tanner.

Whoa Viola. You are a giant liar pants. Which, of course, you told us in the first 5 minutes of the show. But also. Sad face is sad.

Still curious about the werewolf, and apparently the vampire. I do love a vampire. GOT CLICHÉ YEAH YOU KNOW ME.

Oh, hey! I love the neighbour lady actress person! What was she in before. IMDB FTW:

Oh yeah! She played BFF in The Carrie Diaries, which I also watched because 80’s, but sad it was cancelled, but now that makes sense since there are 1.1 million superhero shows on now. No room for nostalgic Carrie Bradshaw.

Oh, maybe twist now?

I miss Damages.

Damages was actually nerve-wracking and scary.

Hey, it’s Hottie McHots!!

Hrm, someone feels thrown under the bus. Arrow commercial. Gosh he’s pretty, but the Flash! Underage yanno, but a cutie patootie.

Holy geebs Viola. You are a tough cookie.

Also yeeps.

Good gods. I feel like there will be no more hot smoochie times.


Poor dude.

Ally Sheedy looks really depressed.

Oh, the numbers get picked!

Oh, Wes. Enemies closer. I see what you did there. Ah, Wes. He’s onto her. Well that speech is a giant lie also because we all know you never end up liking yourself. Ah, guess we found where they buried the body.

Okay. I haven’t figured a thing out here about the larger story. This shouldn’t surprise you, I’m a terrible plotter.

And, that’s it. Maybe you can join us next time on “Hey! I watch Pilots”. I might even (that was some guilty look Mr Viola) go through ep 2 of this. I like her.


Overall: A cross between the interns on House, Dead Poets Society, a gazillion teen movies and Scandal

I will watch again. Possibly instead of Scandal cuz OMG I HATE FITZ.

I watch Pilots #2: GOTHAM


First, unlike Forever, Gotham isn’t bright and shiny-shot. This should surprise precisely no-one, but I find I like it better already. Like 30 seconds in. I’m a goth cliché.

Also, CatWoman. CatGirl. TeenCat. YaCat? I get that the audience will already know this, given what is probably their target market, but I liked the cat-nod to TeenCat, but OMG the Bruce Wayne business always gets me in the squishy parts.

Wow, someone should show the police force in the ReallyReal world this intro, about how not shooting someone, because one shot escalates all of the things.


Something in this feels way more natural than Forever, which did, in it’s own way, exist in a world that was already built, much like Gotham. But Forever felt like so much catch-up. I suspect even if you weren’t (!?!?!) familiar with the Gotham set-up, this show wouldn’t be hard to figure out. And it doesn’t have reams of monologuish info-dumping. Nods, for those who know, while being obvious enough (I think) that later, when the not-knows, know, they will remember the Hints.

The music is also not entirely subtle.

But I’m mostly okay with that.

Oh, campy vampy Jada.


I am in a no-way a comic-book authority, so I make connections similarly to the way people who mostly don’t know the universe do. I think. Also, Ivy!

Gosh, this is fun. And moving at a much better pace than Forever, which was slow and plodding and did I mention full of infodumps?

I’m feeling the Detective could have gone with trying to shoot at this point, but what do I know?

And, queue additional mystery!

I really want cake.

That was unrelated.

Man, I knew there was a love-thing happening with the ladies (we’ll see if that comes to fruition) but geebs don’t make it such a downer. Or, maybe prison? I got nothing. Maybe I need to go read all the comics ever, now.

Or start watching this show with a DC expert.  That would save the reading part. Or maybe not even with an expert, because obvious Hints are Obvious, but I like them anyway because I am easily amused.

Why would they lose their jobs for killing the wrong guy when the wrong guy was making with the attempted killings of the police with that gun he was carrying?


JADA! Oh, man, we could get JADA! The Intern and Judd Hirsch in a tv show. I would so watch that.

Update: Wooden Barbara is Wooden. Maybe she’s a robot?

Oh, oh, killing floor! Ever notice how when people want to show a gross thing, they also have meat? I’m just saying. Always listen to the vegetarian.

And, the mystery isn’t as heavy, or, doesn’t feel as heavy as in Forever, but maybe that’s because I felt suffocated by Iaon/Ioan’s fake!tan.


You know who isn’t tanned?

The Penguin.


Why: I’m target market.

Also, like this way more than I liked the first eps of S1 Arrow I watched. Which I have since come around to, PS.





I watch Pilots #1: Forever

amusingly, this TV season there are a bazillion shows that have piqued my interest. So I thought, when I watched the pilots, I would blog about them (Pilots for new shows, anyway. I expect TVD to be more of The Same). So, without further adieu, here on this week’s edition of I WATCH PILOTS: FOREVER!

(contains mild(?) spoilers)

Ioan Gruffudd/Judd Hirsch/Alana De La Garza/Louraine Toussaint.

First: expectation is that this would be an OMG I LOVE IOAN wasn’t he that guy? That did that stuff, with the accent and a Hornblower?

But let me get this straight right off the bat: I love me some Judd Hirsch.

Ioan is really tanned, and doing his best Sherlock. Then, much much info-dumping, which I didn’t need yet. HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL. At least it’s in his charming accent, which did not lull me into thinking the infodump was necessary, because what’s wrong with peppering this stuff in, yo? Although, now I know this is also a story about Ioan’s mystery, and not just the mysteries he is clearly going to solve. OH! GIRL MOMENT. It’s a we will tell you mostly all of the things in the first few minutes sorta show. And now, mysterious cop moment. And train accident. Murder mystery.  I am marginally bored, but now Judd Hirsch is back on screen so I am happier.

Then Judd went away.

…and more info dumping. This is: what not to do in your novel, kids.

Oh, but isn’t this one of the kids from the Jefferson Institute?

Mysterious Cop Sighting! Now in the Morgue!




Oh, wait, wrong show.

15 minutes, still a bit bored, mostly because of the aforementioned info dumpings.

Now, more mystery.

Ioan is about to become Prime Suspect.

Now, flashback to the GIRL FROM BEFORE.

I kinda wanna watch the Judd Hirsh/Morgue Attendant-Assistant show instead of this one.



I am not sold.

Why is Ioan so tanned? How the hell do you pronounce Ioan. I can’t remember.

I’m finding the musical score very Direct. Do not like.

Why is the medical examiner on the whole entire case? Why is the novelist on the case? At least Joan makes a speck of sense. Also, Joan. *happy sigh*

Also, unsurprisingly, show is very white.

And naked water time! Secret ain’t so much a secret no mo’!

Where is Judd Hirsch!?

Oh, but of course. Convenient won’t remember, it’ll be fuzzy now with more “aren’t you”



Ioan does have nice crinkly eyes, but still too tanned.

I did not need the exit-monologue. This is such a Pilot.

Overall: 5/10

chances of continuing to watch, about the same. Flip a coin, make a bet. You might win!

in our next episode: Gotham!