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see birds.

This morning the twitterverse sent me (via @petshopboys) to an article on “imperial phases” (the period in which a pop star is untouchable), which I read, enjoyed, nodded a long to, and felt nostalgic in (I adore the Pet Shop Boys for a variety of reasons – for their music/who they are/what they represent. Memories are crucial things). I kept reading Pitchfork and found an article on “drag” or “witch house/haunted house” – syrupy, slowed-down electro-pop,  which has the perfect atmosphere for Lead and Feathers. And who doesn’t love the term “witch house”? I’m listening to Balam Acab right now and although this ‘genre’ (if that’s what it is at all) has the ladies who sing in spooky ways (it’s got a shoegazer spin to me), I’m kind of in love with it.

here by my side, an angel.

so here’s this thing I’ve been thinking about, off and on, but mostly on the way home today.  I was listening to Nitzer Ebb’s “My Door is Open”:

my door is open

you can come when you like

my door is open you can stay all night

promises I make for your consideration

you take your chances with a one night stand

it passes time although the conversation’s bland

you use your friends and then their friends, too

in the end the only one who’s really used is you

my door is open

oh, this is actually a writing post, not a music post, you just won’t  be able to tell for a few minutes. So, anyhoodles, Doug McCarthy (as you all know by now and I should not have to say), wrote the above lyrics.  He also was making hard words at Coldplay the other day in some interview I read and was saying something to the effect that unlike Coldplay, Nitzer Ebb will never “tell you how to feel”.

So I googled some random Coldplay song lyrics (I do not listen to current Coldplay but have enjoyed Spies and the Scientist) and found this:

And I’m not going to stand and wait

not gonna leave until it’s much too late

on a platform, I’m gonna stand and then say

that I’m nothing on my own

and I love you, please come home.

now, I’m going to say that for Coldplay lyrics “A Message” is pretty, well, non-fancy. But, does it fit McCarthy’s idea that his band doesn’t tell you how to feel, while Martin’s does?

I suppose, in some way, “My Door is Open”, is an offer, it’s like “baby I’m here and you do what you need to do but don’t forget the world can be kind of shitty”, VS “I’m going to stay past my expiry date, and yea, then I’m going to question my self worth and whine until you come back to me”.

So perhaps, hey?

And this isn’t anything against Martin, although I am entirely biased toward McCarthy. That being said I don’t think NE are brilliant lyricists. I do, however, think that their lyrics are perfect for the genre and showcase the best of NE which IS related to the lyrics. Anyway.

What’s the difference then between showing someone a possibility (My Door is Open) and telling someone how you feel (A Message), and is one better than the other from a writing standpoint (assuming that songwriting is slightly different from storytelling fiction because it’s acceptible that the songwriter is ALWAYS in their songs).  In fiction, we might consider this AGENDA, and not really feel it works.

Now, since those two songs are, in their own way, love songs, let’s take my favourite love song in the Whole Entire World (Matthew Good’s “Weapon”) and see where it fits:

Here by my side, you are destruction
Here by my side, a new colour to paint the world
Never turn your back on it
Never turn your back on it, again
Here by my side, it’s heaven

Careful, be careful
Careful, be careful
This is where the world drops off
Where the world drops off
Careful, be careful
You breathe in and you breathe out
For it ain’t so weird
How it makes you a weapon

I’m not going to suggest comparing love to a weapon isn’t new, not at all. Love is a weapon, love is a battlefield. But there’s a subtlety to Matt’s lyrics, here, in which he isn’t exactly telling me how he feels about the whole thing (except he thinks that partnered sleep is kind of “heavenly”). I have no idea if waking up in the middle of the night and realizing the person next to him that he loves could freaking *destroy* him, is a good or a bad thing or an inevitability (and, in some ways, inevitabilities *shouldn’t* have emotion around them because well, they’re inevitable, but that’s more buddhism than I want, just now). Well, I might know, because I am in the world of Matt and have some idea of how he might be feeling about things like love, but hey, that’s the internets and blogging for you.

I know, for me personally, the person you love metaphored as a weapon is  a beautiful thing. It’s also not active – the person in question isn’t choosing to Become, it’s just how things go, sometimes. This song also has the illustrious honour of almost making me cry *every time* I listen to it, but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is, I don’t actually think I’m being told what to feel. I think I’m being told how things are, certainly from a single perspective, and if I want to be saddened by that, I’m totally allowed. I could also be mad or think it’s creepy. Now, there is a warning in “Weapon”, in the ‘careful this is where the world drops off’, but is that an emotional foretelling that you as the listener *must* adhere to or just the truth of the matter when it comes to love?

today i canceled a credit card, opened up another RRSP, doubled my automatic monthly stock purchases, applied for my monthly employee magic beans discount (for my recently purchased magic bean), replaced my toaster (no word of a lie my oven broke, my dishwasher broke, my tap in the bathroom has been broken for ages and then my toaster went kaboom), and bought a hat.

i bought a red journal that says “Keep Calm and Carry On” (I have a red Keep Calm poster in my bathroom, as well).

The only thing I’ve written in it is Fac51.

this is the future of glue.

i found 13 dollars in change on the floor and have this old vitality milk jug of much awesome but seriously what is uglier than change in a jar?

I know. Almost nothing, really, in terms of home decor.

so I make with the decoupage, using an old piece of scrapbooking paper I had for some reason.

there is no whiskey in this jar
there is no whiskey in this jar

it’s a lovely chocolate brown + cream and I finished the top edging with some lovely organic cotton yarn. Because really where else would I put fancy organic cotton yarn but around a bottleneck.

Good gravy I’m classy.

I finished my first fascinator, too. I used a base for a change, which was certainly easier in terms of attaching of feathers and flowers (it is jet black and peacock blue) but I, for my own head, prefer the comb-based ones because of the way the ones I made a couple of years ago frame my head. This one should have a home already, provided its intended wishes to go through the lengthy adoption process. I’m also hoping to get a decent photo but really? Photographing black silk flowers on top of a black backdrop surrounded by things that are black?

might as well tell people it’s a sky devoid of stars and not much more.