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the Chimes of Aignesz

in the last month or so, my weird little WIP about fairytale princesses, complex relationships, love, murder, blood magic, blackmail and treachery (if all goes well!) grew from a tiny little thing, into 10 thousand words of magic.

Diego’s neck grew hot. His coat was still on, and the intyn leaf had long worn off, and so the memory of Niall twitched beneath his skin. “We delivered a body. A corpse. You can’t blow out a candle and expect the dead to walk. Resurrection is not so simple.” Diego had never believed in resurrectionist magic. He still, after all the years they’d known each other, eyed Markús with suspicion, and the tricks the man performed with only his hands. He had never believed the denizens of the Blood Red Wood gave life, just that they took it away.

I’m fortunate that my CP is a genius, and upon reading directed the story in a much more plot-logical way, so now it is about notes and planning and coming up with the middle to avoid the muddle, and then the ending. I guess I know what happens in the end, which is what makes fiction different from real life.

I was talking to my writing chums last night — once a week I meet up with 2 or 3 other writers just to write — about how characters, for me, come fully formed, and that I’m terrible with planning, and coming up with cause/effect. It’s just not how my brain works. My brain works in emotional reactions. But in order to have a reaction, I have to have already put my character in a situation. And not just on paper, I have to know how they felt when it was happening, and how they lived through it and I learn through writing them. I don’t suspect this is different from other writers, really, but for me it’s the germ. It’s the genesis.

Which is why it’s really important for me to have CPs and readers that are great at plot bunnies, and cause/effect. I can see it in other people’s work, but usually not in my own.

But this, this Happily (n)Ever After. Gah. I am so deep in love with it already. Markus, the blood magician and his boyfriend Rayif. His lover, Diego, and their lover Annabel and the place where they all intersect and how relationships aren’t ever equal, and jealousy and complexity and all of those things.

Also blood. Because why not.

I think I just wanted to write a book about a blood magician. Because one showed up in The Mourning Wolves, too, and his name was also Marcus (for reasons – I had an RP character years ago, who was also a blood magician, whose name was Marcus, because why not? And I just wanted to find the right place to put him), but now poor Marcus will be expelled from the wolves, and instead, live with the princesses in the place called Aetherny.

I think he’ll be happy there. I’m pretty much happy wherever he is, which I guess says something about me, and i am TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

And, due to the Terminus announcements (because i am way lucky to live in a place that has an industrial/electronic/dark music festival), bought The Rain Within: Thunderheart, which is syrupy, slightly gloomy 80’s influenced synthpop, and it its beautiful.

It’s also Feb 24. 242. Which means it’s international EBM day. And although the world is full of wonderful ebm, I share with you this classic, by our friends Front 242. I’m guessing you just made the connection.

What else? We bought tickets to see Logan. And I am beside myself with excitement, and I realize it’s because Logan reminds me of my husband Joel, and his sidekick Ellie, but I have actual super high hopes for Logan as a superhero movie that doesn’t annoy me. Also, there’s something about woodsy Hugh Jackman that is just working for my ovaries.

I would also super really like a release date for The Last of Us 2. Okay? Okay.

But first I have to finish editing my YA. But not today, because I’m going to see Matthew Good, and then tomorrow my aforementioned William.

Because sometimes life is kind, and full of fun.

it’s 12:35am. I wrote some words

lots, actually, while listening to Psyche, a Canadian band you probably haven’t heard of, even though they have been around since 1982. They played Terminus this year and, yes.

Anyway, it’s very late, but I wrote 1, 459 words today, and now the grand total for “The Place Where We Belong” first draft, is 58, 006K.


And i feel very good about this. I may watch Constantine now, but suspect I am too snoozy to do a Pilot! Report.

if your friends don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine.

A post on dancing, for posterity.

This weekend, the mighty fine folks at a basement pub (Dickens. They Rule) put on, what is, the largest Industrial music festival on the west-side of North America. TERMINUS is in it’s third year, and what insanity it was.

So, here’s the lineup. Bands I’ve seen before get an asterix. Bands I would see again in 3.1 seconds get an exclamation point, bands I wouldn’t be disappointed to see on a bill again get a tilde.

Day 1

Die Warzau~
Mr. Kitty~
Alter De Ruine
Tactikal Sekt

I’ve seen [:SITD:] twice, but adore them. Psyche, the old school boys from Edmonton were just wicked to watch – older, more confident. Secure in what they were doing, and a believable Joy Division cover (Oh, and one of Goodbye Horses, too) which makes those of us in the audience who are of a certain age, super happy.

Day 2!



{iVardensphere: Singularity}*~



Kevorkian Death Cycle!!!



Decoded Feedback*

So, [product] is least one half of Talking to Ghosts, the podcast out of Portland I’m really enjoying – you can’t really go wrong with harsh ebm  portlandian vegans, I figure. I enjoy not because I’m mad for harsh EBM, but because Michael seems like a super swell dude who loves music, and portland and vegan pubs and these are all things I can get behind. iVardensphere is semi-local, and shows up fairly consistently. This set was him, a table, drum pads and whirly beep machines. That’s it. We stood around him and he played his whirly beeps and it was good, and fun. Normally iVardensphere are 300 people on stage playing tribal EBM, so it was pretty wicked to have that intimate experience with all those folks.

Kevorkian Death Cycle! Egads! SO fun. Any band you get to see after knowing of them for +20yrs is kind of awesome.

3 Teeth. Rumour has it 3 Teeth are saving the future of Industrial Music. I’m not actually going to disagree, here, as their sound is solid, their stage presence well crafted, and they are, it would seem, The Whole Package (now, TWP is either good, or it’s not). If Industrial is your bag, I recommend. Go, click a link.

Now. HAUJOBB! I’m marry Haujobb when I grow up. Daniel Myer (who is the Jobb in Hau) played Terminus last year – anything he touches seems to be instantly loved, but before last year I’d never really listened to what Daniel, himself, was putting out. I realize this makes me an idiot. He’s fun, dedicated, charming, cute as a button, german, and understands that if you put him (in his other guise as Architect) next to an extremely loud band from France (we’ll get to that on day 3), then playing the Cookie Monster/Rebecca Black mashup and Beastie’s Fight for Your Right will be the smartest move you make, possibly ever. I have learned that whatever Haujobb does (like a cover of the sister’s Lucretia, My Reflection. Hell, to the O) I will like. It will make me happy.

Day 3


Dead on TV


Rabbit Junk


Author & Punisher!




Ok! Day 3! So excited, and so very tired at this point. Pro-Tip: there is very little you can do to 1) not be tired and 2) save your feet/lower back on the 3rd day of a music festival in which the first band comes on at 5:30pm, and the last stops between 1:30 and 2 am. Or, in the case of Covenant, slightly after that.

Comaduster played last year, but being an early band, we’d actually missed them. They were invited back, moved up higher on the bill, and are, in fact, loved now. If you’ve figured out already that this weekend’s sound-selection was tough ‘n crunchy, you may enjoy. Click on the link.

NOW! can we talk about Author & Punisher, one guy with Contraptions who is thud-good and put me into an actual trance? I get I was tired, but no word – I am pretty sure I was in a secondary location during half of his set; a place where everything was good and nothing hurt. F’reals. Here’s a snippet from the official site:

Described most succinctly as “industrial doom,” this one-man project utilizes primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers. From Shone’s background and current position as a mechanical engineer, his designs and devices draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics with also a focus upon the eroticism of interaction with machine.

Holy cheese on toast I loved it. So much. I want AP & Zoe Keating to craft a super spooky soundtrack to something. Anything. Something with lots of red, red blood and trees. Great, dry-limbed trees that creak in the wind, whose roots lift and when they settle the whole earth shudders. It would be incredible + happy making. And yes.

Okay! Now! More Daniel Myer, this time as Architect. I’m still marry Haujobb one day, so that hasn’t changed, but Myer followed Chrysalide, the angriest men in france. Holy shitballs was their set loud (go earplugs). I thought, for reals, I might fall right over due to the wall o’ sound. Anyhoo, not my bag, sure they’re nice boys, I went and sat down for a while, but! Daniel Myer. I just adore him. Haujobb/DSTR/Architect, don’t matter what we call him it’s just another word for Love.

Our Covenant friends closed out the night, with a set that was so long (normally not something we complain about around here) I thought I wouldn’t actually make it through the whole thing, at least not upright. I actually hired my fellow to hold me up during their 2nd last song, just so I could dance through the last one. I was out of spoons. Completely and utterly. But! So much ridiculous fun. I can’t even. It was spent with my sister-friend, a newish friend we made at Terminus last year, and a feller she found on the hotel shuttle. I have no complaints. At all.

I’m exhausted and the house looks like a hurricane hit it, but right now the room is quiet save the hum of the fridge. I’m going to make toast and have some juice and enjoy Canada day. I love it here, it’s a really good place.





end.point is that a cougar?

Day 1

  • BlackOpz
  • X-RX
  • Aesthetic Perfection
  • Decoded Feedback

what i learned? In my next life as a Patron of the Arts, I will be opening a school for under-funded/supported ebm musicians. Logically, all of these musicians will be under 27, but over 21, and the majority of them will be German. Some, but not all, will be blond. This is my review of the X-Rx set, who I have seen before, but good gravy. Germans! My ovaries!  I have come to understand that you can’t actually avoid CougarDom. It sneaks up. It’s a predatory cat, after all.

BlackOpz were crunchy fun, not life-changing, but the fellow seemed nice when we, once the club lights had come up and tear down was complete and we were still sitting at a table, yipping, finally left the establishment and said hello. We were halfway to the car when Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection) came around the corner. Oh, vodka. Oh, Daniel. Oh, my sister. Patient musicians are patient.

I love AP. I just do. Today I’m altering the AP shirt I bought for new improved wearability! It’s full of Daniel’s head and looks like a circus poster. I consider this a WIN.

Decoded Feedback, aside from being the Seniors of the show, were kind of awesome. I only know them in periphery, but I was super-appreciating their atmosphere, and my table mate, who was also once known as my Fake!Roomate due to how many nights he spent asleep on my couch, kept telling us the story of how, on a fateful day in 1996, he saw Decoded Feedback open for Covenant at Lee’s Palace and there were all of 7 people there. The idea of only 7 people seeing Covenant, albeit in 1996, makes me sad.

Later, we had arguments about Blacq Audio.

We rolled into the house just before 3am.

I have zero complaints.

Today, God Module.