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i read a thing

namely, David Leviathan’s “Two Boys Kissing“, and although it isn’t sort of a novel, in the way novels often are, but more of a commentary. A specific discussion of a specific time, reflected in the now, a place more like now.  It’s the soft voices of the dead, reminding me of watching Longtime Companion, and reading Paul Monette, and watching documentaries on the AIDS quilt and how people forget how horrible that time was, and how things are better, now, but better doesn’t actually mean Good, or right. And anyway, that’s why we need diverse books and that’s why I write stories about makeshift families, joyful, messy families.

…but since you are so inclined, pray that my friend and I be still together just like this at the Mont of Olives blessed by the last of an ancient race who loved youth and laughter and beautiful things so much they couldn’t stop singing and we were the song.

-Paul Monette

It reminds me of being afraid for people I loved, and walking around a very well appointed apartment, looking at art with a man who was most worried that one day his eye sight would be gone.

Hrm. That was a bit gloomier than maybe we want on a weird Monday/Friday hybrid (seasonal holidays are weird, yo).

I also woke up with a line in my head:

“Every time Cupid shoots an arrow, he risks falling in love.”

Every time isn’t the right word, but I suspect this may be a short story one day, along with “The Light’s gone out, Say Goodnight”, which has characters and a part of a set up, but zero plot. Which, you might know, has never stopped me before.

Onward, my pretties. The flying monkeys are coming.


Technically today is still The Weekend, but then, as of tomorrow? Two weeks vacation! I will be reading, and writing and maybe finishing Arrow S2, so I can catch up and watch S3,  there will be Mockingjay matinees, complete with oodles of tissues (I have watched The Hunger Games/Catching Fire a gabillion times, and every. single. time. WATER).

Finally read Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn, a short,  literary kind of contemporary YA that uses some supernatural tropes to maybe be supernatural, which is the most I can say without overly spoilering the all of it. It’s short, efficient, and although off the top I found the language a bit formal, considering the protags age when the story starts, by the end it made sense given the subject matter. Anyway, I’d wanted to read this one for a while. It was quick, intense, and I liked it.  I’m a fan of words used seriously. Not to say there’s no place for whimsy, but written words are so vital, that. Oh. Well. You know.  I always want to feel the things that exist within bone & viscera.

I’m still working on The Place Where We Belong, the first two chapters feel right & good, a thing I haven’t been able to say about this book for a while. Both of them have gone through three or four revisions, about as many as I expect the book as a whole to take. Vacation will be fixing up chapters 3 & 4, a funeral scene, and the scene I lovingly call The Diner Scene. TDS is really, really important as it sets up the relationship between Aiden (mentioned here before, the Blood King of Bellsend) and Haven, my MC. Their relationship is a big subplot of the book (maybe not all that sub, really) hitting on my themes of makeshift families, a thing I write about all of the damn time. I am nothing if not consistent.

and now, because I can, here’s my boyband, Cygnets: (I can’t stop listening to Sleepwalkers. Clicky link to listen to their whole album).

This is the new video. Pretty sure my fave part is the two soft-around-the-middle Portlandia Beardos having smooches:



Chubby girls! Gay dudes! Lesbians, POC! Diversity FTW!


con/sumed (contains spoilers)

okay. So I finally, finally finished Cronenberg’s Consumed, and lo’ did I enjoy it, and lo’ did it make me go: o.O also? Some weird plot choices, Dave.  I’m just not even sure why we completely, more or less, abandoned Nathan and his weird STI, or why we moved away from Naomi and Nathan’s POVs into Aristide’s (the novel is about Aristide supposedly killing/eating his wife and how that came about. Also, if you are interested, Cronenberg’s recently released short film is a companion piece to the book and you should go watch it) when, really, what interests me is not the inside-brain of the dude that maybe at his wife, but the brains of the two journalists who find this guy Interesting, and their completely awkward, twisted/weird non-functional relationship.

So, enjoyed, but enjoyed the first third way better than the last half. Which I know doesn’t even make The Math, but hrmity. If you like Cronenberg, and if you like Gibson (William, logically), there’s a very, very good chance you’ll like this book.


because I did a thing, this thing!

Lookie what came in the mail today!

And because I added a 1K scene (yeahp, a funeral, super sadness!), and my mss. is now over 57K, and I am a good and law abiding person, I get to go do this!


a thing about which I am super excited! You can see the blurb is by Stephen King. I don’t even understand a world in which Cronenberg needs a blurb, but then my Viggo appears on the back-flap advance praise list, so yanno.




I am stretched on/your/oh my.

it’s a writing/Johnny Hollow (specifically as I wrote this? Their cover of “I am Stretched on Your Grave”) kind of morning. The words were moving like tiny feet in quicksand yesterday but today they are all molasses in january. The writing, more than anything else I’ve found, keeps one honest. And often frustrated. I’m a bit moshed, right now, with where things Are and where they are Going. I know the basics, but not the meaty bits inbetween. I keep thinking I should outline. I’ve already gone off the plan by writing scenes out of order. Well, two. But, for me? Two is impressive, and strange. I have new characters, and a second coffee shop and a tall bony man who for me looks a lot like Richard O’Brien in Rocky Horror (a movie I can’t stand, PS), but not exactly. I want him tall and awkward and lanky and strange, but most of all he is going to be kind. And his name is going to be Charles or Adam or Martin. Something simple, and easy to believe.

Today’s book is going to be:

zombies and alices, oh my
alice in zombieland


I was on such a roll with the reading, and then it went boom, but I want to get back to it. The neverending horror of winter slowed everything down. Today it is pretending to be spring, and I might go for a walk. Or I might just put the house back together again – the spring purged opened up all of the cupboards and apparently I can’t get the remaining stuff back where it belongs by sheer force of will.

stupid not really being a witch.



Ps: his name is actually Borick, apparently.