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the Chimes of Aignesz

in the last month or so, my weird little WIP about fairytale princesses, complex relationships, love, murder, blood magic, blackmail and treachery (if all goes well!) grew from a tiny little thing, into 10 thousand words of magic.

Diego’s neck grew hot. His coat was still on, and the intyn leaf had long worn off, and so the memory of Niall twitched beneath his skin. “We delivered a body. A corpse. You can’t blow out a candle and expect the dead to walk. Resurrection is not so simple.” Diego had never believed in resurrectionist magic. He still, after all the years they’d known each other, eyed Markús with suspicion, and the tricks the man performed with only his hands. He had never believed the denizens of the Blood Red Wood gave life, just that they took it away.

I’m fortunate that my CP is a genius, and upon reading directed the story in a much more plot-logical way, so now it is about notes and planning and coming up with the middle to avoid the muddle, and then the ending. I guess I know what happens in the end, which is what makes fiction different from real life.

I was talking to my writing chums last night — once a week I meet up with 2 or 3 other writers just to write — about how characters, for me, come fully formed, and that I’m terrible with planning, and coming up with cause/effect. It’s just not how my brain works. My brain works in emotional reactions. But in order to have a reaction, I have to have already put my character in a situation. And not just on paper, I have to know how they felt when it was happening, and how they lived through it and I learn through writing them. I don’t suspect this is different from other writers, really, but for me it’s the germ. It’s the genesis.

Which is why it’s really important for me to have CPs and readers that are great at plot bunnies, and cause/effect. I can see it in other people’s work, but usually not in my own.

But this, this Happily (n)Ever After. Gah. I am so deep in love with it already. Markus, the blood magician and his boyfriend Rayif. His lover, Diego, and their lover Annabel and the place where they all intersect and how relationships aren’t ever equal, and jealousy and complexity and all of those things.

Also blood. Because why not.

I think I just wanted to write a book about a blood magician. Because one showed up in The Mourning Wolves, too, and his name was also Marcus (for reasons – I had an RP character years ago, who was also a blood magician, whose name was Marcus, because why not? And I just wanted to find the right place to put him), but now poor Marcus will be expelled from the wolves, and instead, live with the princesses in the place called Aetherny.

I think he’ll be happy there. I’m pretty much happy wherever he is, which I guess says something about me, and i am TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

And, due to the Terminus announcements (because i am way lucky to live in a place that has an industrial/electronic/dark music festival), bought The Rain Within: Thunderheart, which is syrupy, slightly gloomy 80’s influenced synthpop, and it its beautiful.

It’s also Feb 24. 242. Which means it’s international EBM day. And although the world is full of wonderful ebm, I share with you this classic, by our friends Front 242. I’m guessing you just made the connection.

What else? We bought tickets to see Logan. And I am beside myself with excitement, and I realize it’s because Logan reminds me of my husband Joel, and his sidekick Ellie, but I have actual super high hopes for Logan as a superhero movie that doesn’t annoy me. Also, there’s something about woodsy Hugh Jackman that is just working for my ovaries.

I would also super really like a release date for The Last of Us 2. Okay? Okay.

But first I have to finish editing my YA. But not today, because I’m going to see Matthew Good, and then tomorrow my aforementioned William.

Because sometimes life is kind, and full of fun.


Technically today is still The Weekend, but then, as of tomorrow? Two weeks vacation! I will be reading, and writing and maybe finishing Arrow S2, so I can catch up and watch S3,  there will be Mockingjay matinees, complete with oodles of tissues (I have watched The Hunger Games/Catching Fire a gabillion times, and every. single. time. WATER).

Finally read Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn, a short,  literary kind of contemporary YA that uses some supernatural tropes to maybe be supernatural, which is the most I can say without overly spoilering the all of it. It’s short, efficient, and although off the top I found the language a bit formal, considering the protags age when the story starts, by the end it made sense given the subject matter. Anyway, I’d wanted to read this one for a while. It was quick, intense, and I liked it.  I’m a fan of words used seriously. Not to say there’s no place for whimsy, but written words are so vital, that. Oh. Well. You know.  I always want to feel the things that exist within bone & viscera.

I’m still working on The Place Where We Belong, the first two chapters feel right & good, a thing I haven’t been able to say about this book for a while. Both of them have gone through three or four revisions, about as many as I expect the book as a whole to take. Vacation will be fixing up chapters 3 & 4, a funeral scene, and the scene I lovingly call The Diner Scene. TDS is really, really important as it sets up the relationship between Aiden (mentioned here before, the Blood King of Bellsend) and Haven, my MC. Their relationship is a big subplot of the book (maybe not all that sub, really) hitting on my themes of makeshift families, a thing I write about all of the damn time. I am nothing if not consistent.

and now, because I can, here’s my boyband, Cygnets: (I can’t stop listening to Sleepwalkers. Clicky link to listen to their whole album).

This is the new video. Pretty sure my fave part is the two soft-around-the-middle Portlandia Beardos having smooches:



Chubby girls! Gay dudes! Lesbians, POC! Diversity FTW!