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A number of Impossible Things

  • I saw Mad Max: Fury Road. Twice. First time regular-D, second time fancy-D because there were no theatres showing it in regular-D at a reasonable time.  As in, any time that wasn’t 4pm. THE HELL. I am no fan of fancy-D, and am SO glad I saw the film the first time in regular-D. I loved it. I loved Charlize and her band of strong, capable women. I loved Max and his understanding that survival means putting your ego aside sometimes. I loved the human-sand-dune scene and the sound editing and  I’m super excited to talk about it on the podcast Kristine and I do!
  • A person vital (in a good way)  to my complex, messy, painful,  childhood (you’d think you’d get to grow out of that, but adulthood is just as weird + rough sometimes and I would occasionally like to trade myself in for a slightly different model, one who is better at navigating the topsy-turvy of the inside of her brain), is the poet laureate for Victoria, BC (I am just so proud of her!) and she wrote a poem that references childhood, and us, and you should go read it. I will wait here. Remember: there are always bits of sunlight peeking through the clouds.
  • Ian Curtis died 35 years ago. I didn’t know him, of him, when I was 8, but 5, 6 years later I came to New Order, and the rest is, as the kids say, history. (True Fax: the kids never say the things I claim they did. I’m just tricky like that)
  • I caved and bought a e-reader, the Kobo Aura H20 because I am buying books like a magpie, and running out of bookshelves, and I don’t really want to have to move all the books when the day comes that I decide to move (I also can’t stand reading on my ipad). That doesn’t mean I won’t buy paper books – I have 3 in my Chapters/Indigo cart right now – but that’s because 2 aren’t in ebook, and the third was there b/c free shipping! But, oh, math tells me I can get free shipping on the other two alone *deletes*
  • I am still working on The Light’s Gone Out, Say Goodnight, which has been rejected 3 times, twice for the EXACT same reason. Once is an opinion, twice starts to look a bit like fact. So. I sent it off to another intrepid reader (Jamie) for yet another opinion (my first reader, my T (Karin)  had already helped improve it, as she always does, but needed fresh-eyes), and so I got good advice back and then, a third person (Bear) posted this to her blog:

My earliest decent short stories were all around 1500-3000 words. It wasn’t until I learned to unpack those, to get the interesting bits out of my head and trust that I wasn’t going to make them boring by explaining them, to write them at 5000-7000 words for the same sorts of ideas, that they started selling well and attracting positive comment.

It seems I’ve read 3 things similar to that this week, and finally, I think, after all of this time it might, might be settling in.  I’m not good at unpacking stories. I read my first cozy mystery (Kate Carlisle’s “A High-End Finish) and figured out who the killer was about midway. That NEVER happens. Usually I’m like, oh, hi, because I’m more caught up in mood and character than plot. But mood + character are a niche market if one wants to go anywhere with one’s literary aspirations. I know this and stuff, but knowing and doing are so not the same. Sometimes I read stories, acclaimed stories, and I’m all OMG ENOUGH WITH THE SPOON FEEDING ALREADY, but I feel so alone in this, like a little sproutling waving back and forth in a swift breeze.

I am many things, but I feel my ability to string words together in an unusual, pretty, slightly creepy way i what will ensure my work is never boring.  I think. Hope. Or something.

  • Went to the new hip wafflrey, Buttermilk. It was delicious, if not judicious with the toppings. At the Waffle Window, which if you know me, you have heard me talk about more than about fifty times, everything is piled high and glorious.  Buttermilk’s waffles are regular buttermilk waffles, delicious and billowy and crispy, and certainly worth standing in line for (the line, oh, she was long. Always go places the third day they open. Ha), and I know I will be back.
  • Because it’s may long, the official time in our part of canadaland you can even think about putting flowers out, I repotted my mini roses and the white fluffy flowers whose name I do not know into my planter. I swept the steps and gathered some leaves out, and the old mayor came by (he was handing out leaflets, I don’t really know the old mayor) and when he introduced himself i said OH! HI! Like we were long lost pals and he looked so confused for a second, but no worries, he recovered. It made me giggle.
  • Watched the whole of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt DAMNIT) because was tired of watching TV in which everyone died all of the time. It made me laugh. Then proceeded to start to watch Wayward Pines, the show in which we learn Matt Dillon has not aged. Also, how nice it is to see Matt Dillon again.  Yes, there are dead people, but at least it’s creepy. We’ll see how it lasts over the next 9 episodes. Also! The internet is damn mad at GoT today. I was almost, almost bored of it last season (like 92% bored of it), but now I might just be done, Tyrion Lannister or no. I can just go watch the Station Agent instead.  Also, iZombie is freaking adorable.

I think that’s it, this week is busy with all sorts of stuff, but today is a day of Holiday-ing and I should not waste it.  Aurevoir, mes amises!


i do have them:

Short Stories:

Mourning Wolves – (the werewolves are coming!): draft

And the Woods are Silent – (the fox is coming, except I think I need to change it to a wolf!):  almost final edit


Ellis, Underground – (the memories are going, and why is that guy dead?): draft

A Single Murder (Ballad)- (what if, after they left the Witch’s house, Gretel did something and Hansel died?): only an idea

ASMB, because that’s easier than typing it out in full, is going to be a mixed around version of Hansel and Gretel, without stealing too much from Bill Willingham’s Fables (it’s good to know where our influences come from), in that Hansel won’t kill Gretel, but will, perhaps choose her own life over his, and somehow I think this is going to be YA, but maybe it won’t be?

Who knows!


what else have I done? Movies:

“12 Years a Slave”, “Dallas Buyers Club”, “Pacific Rim”, “Enders Game”. Right now I’m watching “To the Wonder”, a film in which I’m quite sure Ben Affleck (I know!) does not speak.


do you ever find yourself, while randomly toddling about the intergoogles, suddenly interested in your own Self. Not in the hey, I have fingers and toes, but – what can I build with these things.

I think there’s a reason I never gave my fibre stash away – I see it, almost daily and think “hrm”, and yet, have built nothing. Baubles, the same, but I know I am done with them, having sold my bits and bobs to a girl who also likes to Make.

I have been listening to spooky music. I watched Silver Linings Playbook and decided while J-Law is awesome in all things, I liked Dirty Dancing better. Spring Breakers is on netflix, and either I’m too old or it’s too you know, with it’s business and boring and also “ooo, guns”. Did I tell you we watched Byzantium? that was all mood and loss, and so, so  much better.

I am working on my book tumblr So I Have You, and planning to read more booms this year than in the last 3. Which should be very, very easy.

I am listening to Dexter, who I am calling the Leaning Tower of (Pisa, Birdo, Dexter, Cheep) because of his new right-head-lean. Thankful though, he’s happy as a clam, and cute as an m-f-ing button. Since Dexter is a senior, I have been thinking of pets, and decided I would like to get a bird again, but an older birdie, not from a breeder. I got Dexter from a breeder 14 years ago and didn’t really think about it much. I’m smarter, now.


best case, me and mr. cheepy have another 5 years of killer good times. I should make him some peas.