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I’ve posted this before, somewhere, but for the sake of recording these things, I thought i might show off a couple of really awesome photos, well, one for now, of inspiration that sort of helped me build the world in a city of Lead and Feathers. In the city there are contingency officers, essentially the police force, but the kind that’s not always on the up and up, who are running a city based on a pretty strict moral code, except when it’s completely corrupt.

from deviant art, artist unknown.
from deviant art, artist unknown.

I love the idea of men in plague masks and parasols, gliding along like The Gentlemen of B:TVS.  When I decided not to have an underground (because when your police force wear plague masks, how weird does your under have to be to make above seem normal?) I thought I’d map out Umbrella like Venice. Originally underground had canals and the Contingency officers floated by on boats, punting along with long, long poles. But now they’re above ground and it’s wet and damp and mossy.

And I dig it.

see birds.

This morning the twitterverse sent me (via @petshopboys) to an article on “imperial phases” (the period in which a pop star is untouchable), which I read, enjoyed, nodded a long to, and felt nostalgic in (I adore the Pet Shop Boys for a variety of reasons – for their music/who they are/what they represent. Memories are crucial things). I kept reading Pitchfork and found an article on “drag” or “witch house/haunted house” – syrupy, slowed-down electro-pop,  which has the perfect atmosphere for Lead and Feathers. And who doesn’t love the term “witch house”? I’m listening to Balam Acab right now and although this ‘genre’ (if that’s what it is at all) has the ladies who sing in spooky ways (it’s got a shoegazer spin to me), I’m kind of in love with it.