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never let it be said I was untrue…

..I just never found a home inside of you.

And. So. Here’s the thing: if you don’t submit stories you can’t be rejected. Being rejected twice in the same week for a story you think is pretty amazeballs is hard on ye olde ego. I realize that rejection is part of the process and yadda yadda and you have to be tenacious and stubborn, and that’s all true, but it still kinda blows goats. Which, I know, makes for happy goats, but less than thrilled Ambers. So, that’s where it is.

This week I’m working on two projects, the neverending novel of doom, which had me stuck for days and days and days until some talking out loud with the feller made me realize the chapters were out of order, so now that we’ve cleared that bit of the road we can go forward. Slowly, but baby steps are better than no steps.

I also hauled a really, really old story out of my personal slushpile, “Red”, which I wrote after hearing Combichrist’s song of the same name way back in the day (like 2007). It’s a future-dystopic-vampire-western, where the vampires are half metal/half machine people, even if that’s not really clear in the narrative, maybe because it’s not overly important? There’s also a sassy lady named Marie Antoinette who isn’t onscreen most of the time, but she shows up at the end. I kind of love it, if only because it’s super fun and writing it is a no-pressure game.  I added almost 800 words yesterday, and edited some others, and my word-count for the year tipped over the 20K mark, which is also kind of awesome given that I didn’t record word-count for a month as I was editing and all that math gave me a rash.

So, that’s where I’m at down here in the word mines.

Here’s a picture of Scott Fox. His face is My Day in Rockstars. His face is how rejections make me feel. Upside?



He’s the feller behind iVardensphere, and he once saved my sister and I from a particularly violent mosh pit. iVardensphere’s new album, FABLE, is unrelenting and overwhelming, especially when I listen to it on my super fancy new headphones. It’s like there’s a crack in the world and you fall right through. iVardensphere are also Canadian (Alberta), which makes them double-awesome.