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if your friends don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine.

A post on dancing, for posterity.

This weekend, the mighty fine folks at a basement pub (Dickens. They Rule) put on, what is, the largest Industrial music festival on the west-side of North America. TERMINUS is in it’s third year, and what insanity it was.

So, here’s the lineup. Bands I’ve seen before get an asterix. Bands I would see again in 3.1 seconds get an exclamation point, bands I wouldn’t be disappointed to see on a bill again get a tilde.

Day 1

Die Warzau~
Mr. Kitty~
Alter De Ruine
Tactikal Sekt

I’ve seen [:SITD:] twice, but adore them. Psyche, the old school boys from Edmonton were just wicked to watch – older, more confident. Secure in what they were doing, and a believable Joy Division cover (Oh, and one of Goodbye Horses, too) which makes those of us in the audience who are of a certain age, super happy.

Day 2!



{iVardensphere: Singularity}*~



Kevorkian Death Cycle!!!



Decoded Feedback*

So, [product] is least one half of Talking to Ghosts, the podcast out of Portland I’m really enjoying – you can’t really go wrong with harsh ebm  portlandian vegans, I figure. I enjoy not because I’m mad for harsh EBM, but because Michael seems like a super swell dude who loves music, and portland and vegan pubs and these are all things I can get behind. iVardensphere is semi-local, and shows up fairly consistently. This set was him, a table, drum pads and whirly beep machines. That’s it. We stood around him and he played his whirly beeps and it was good, and fun. Normally iVardensphere are 300 people on stage playing tribal EBM, so it was pretty wicked to have that intimate experience with all those folks.

Kevorkian Death Cycle! Egads! SO fun. Any band you get to see after knowing of them for +20yrs is kind of awesome.

3 Teeth. Rumour has it 3 Teeth are saving the future of Industrial Music. I’m not actually going to disagree, here, as their sound is solid, their stage presence well crafted, and they are, it would seem, The Whole Package (now, TWP is either good, or it’s not). If Industrial is your bag, I recommend. Go, click a link.

Now. HAUJOBB! I’m marry Haujobb when I grow up. Daniel Myer (who is the Jobb in Hau) played Terminus last year – anything he touches seems to be instantly loved, but before last year I’d never really listened to what Daniel, himself, was putting out. I realize this makes me an idiot. He’s fun, dedicated, charming, cute as a button, german, and understands that if you put him (in his other guise as Architect) next to an extremely loud band from France (we’ll get to that on day 3), then playing the Cookie Monster/Rebecca Black mashup and Beastie’s Fight for Your Right will be the smartest move you make, possibly ever. I have learned that whatever Haujobb does (like a cover of the sister’s Lucretia, My Reflection. Hell, to the O) I will like. It will make me happy.

Day 3


Dead on TV


Rabbit Junk


Author & Punisher!




Ok! Day 3! So excited, and so very tired at this point. Pro-Tip: there is very little you can do to 1) not be tired and 2) save your feet/lower back on the 3rd day of a music festival in which the first band comes on at 5:30pm, and the last stops between 1:30 and 2 am. Or, in the case of Covenant, slightly after that.

Comaduster played last year, but being an early band, we’d actually missed them. They were invited back, moved up higher on the bill, and are, in fact, loved now. If you’ve figured out already that this weekend’s sound-selection was tough ‘n crunchy, you may enjoy. Click on the link.

NOW! can we talk about Author & Punisher, one guy with Contraptions who is thud-good and put me into an actual trance? I get I was tired, but no word – I am pretty sure I was in a secondary location during half of his set; a place where everything was good and nothing hurt. F’reals. Here’s a snippet from the official site:

Described most succinctly as “industrial doom,” this one-man project utilizes primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers. From Shone’s background and current position as a mechanical engineer, his designs and devices draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics with also a focus upon the eroticism of interaction with machine.

Holy cheese on toast I loved it. So much. I want AP & Zoe Keating to craft a super spooky soundtrack to something. Anything. Something with lots of red, red blood and trees. Great, dry-limbed trees that creak in the wind, whose roots lift and when they settle the whole earth shudders. It would be incredible + happy making. And yes.

Okay! Now! More Daniel Myer, this time as Architect. I’m still marry Haujobb one day, so that hasn’t changed, but Myer followed Chrysalide, the angriest men in france. Holy shitballs was their set loud (go earplugs). I thought, for reals, I might fall right over due to the wall o’ sound. Anyhoo, not my bag, sure they’re nice boys, I went and sat down for a while, but! Daniel Myer. I just adore him. Haujobb/DSTR/Architect, don’t matter what we call him it’s just another word for Love.

Our Covenant friends closed out the night, with a set that was so long (normally not something we complain about around here) I thought I wouldn’t actually make it through the whole thing, at least not upright. I actually hired my fellow to hold me up during their 2nd last song, just so I could dance through the last one. I was out of spoons. Completely and utterly. But! So much ridiculous fun. I can’t even. It was spent with my sister-friend, a newish friend we made at Terminus last year, and a feller she found on the hotel shuttle. I have no complaints. At all.

I’m exhausted and the house looks like a hurricane hit it, but right now the room is quiet save the hum of the fridge. I’m going to make toast and have some juice and enjoy Canada day. I love it here, it’s a really good place.





Faderhead Fridays: The AndyChrist Lets the Blood flow (video marginally NSFW due to language)

Previously I have mentioned, casually, somewhere, around the way, that I should write a post about why I generally (99.9%) of the time prefer male singers. It’s got a lot to do with masculinity and general aggression and testosterone, and yes, things that confirm regardless of everything else, my ovaries are way over on the straight-lady Scale O’ Kinsey.

Seriously? Around 3 minutes in.

There’s my explanation on why I prefer male singers right there, even semi fuzzy (embiggen for added flavour). Picture, meet your thousand words.


some long dark tea time

i hurt everywhere. i am not one of these people that enjoys hurting after exercise. It makes me feel like i have the flu and that makes me crabby.

it also results in being achy for sleep, which means no sleep, or in my case sleep of a thousand knives, in which there are awful dreams that Daniel Meyer (yes, musician. SAM. It’s the week of SAM dreams it would seem, I liked the last one better…) was killed, seemingly on purpose at a show in Edmonton. News was scarce, and things were strange and somehow I, in my random travels, ended up in a meeting with his father, not realizing it was his father until he said something, and I clued in and then we both realized we had Dan in common and he was here, with me, instead of working through the mystery surrounding Dan’s death.

Things went downhill from there. But in a completely intangible way. I suspect all of this was related to upstairs K, and how everytime she turns around someone she knows has passed away. Who knows the subconscious.

I’ve also been listening to this super romanticals Faderhead (surprise) song, Melt Into Your Eyes, off of FH1. Later, FH3 comes out and that album is all post-relationship. The kind of post-relationship where you move out and away and end up living on a thin mattress in an empty room in a part of town you’re unfamiliar with that’s all flickering neon signs and garbage, turning over and over itself in empty alleys.

It’s amazing, really, how, depending on context, songs that are supposed to be about love, turn into songs about sadness. It’s like you can’t go back and warn someone, that later, things aren’t the way they imagined they’d be. But then there’s the other side of it, that if you didn’t experience loss, you’d have nothing to learn from. But still. I kind of want to hand FH3 Sami a drink and tell him that in a year or so, he’ll be liking his own facebook posts because he’s so happy.

Hansel und Henka.


I found this lad on tumblr, on Holly Black’s tumblr, actually, and I’m sure it was related to some “this character looks like a combination of this and squee”, except not precisely. Then I appropriated him for my own nefarious business and I named him Hansel. I know, I know, but he technically does lead Ellis to the witch, so. Also, he wants to be german. I can’t fight my need for things to be german. Why am I not in Germany? So. Hansel. Henka is the owl. Hedwig was taken. Ahem. I’m not sure where he shows up, yet, but I know that he leads Ellis to the myomancer (who does her divination with rats. Rats! Owls! instant circle of life Drama)- who then gives her an idea on where the Vendor Chronos (time merchants) are.  So, somewhere near the end of the book, since the big climax is – well, it’s related to the Vendor Chronos. That being said, naming him Hansel, when I have other characters named Ashbel and Allaster and Basil tells me I may not have thought too long about my world’s naming conventions have a multi-cultural mix’o folks here, but this also tells me I may have to at least mention that they are not all white. I’ve got the part where they’re not all straight down. I have a genderqueer (that probably needs to be more obviously genderqueered) Queen Bee and a poly relationship, and who knows what will come next. Less assumed-white folks maybe needs to be the next step (I find this interesting, as I am the whitest white person in white town, and I spend a lot of time working in lgbtq activism in my workplace, and outside, too, so my world view tends to be pretty white + queer. I’m not actually smart enough or well-read enough to really comment on POC representation in literature. But I try to be conscious of inclusion while still being true to my characters.) Also, if this makes no sense, I have a giant weather-related migraine and the dirt on your monitor is really my brain leaking out of my tear ducts.

oh, she rambles.  But you knew that already. You should really be impressed I have typed this much with ZERO MENTION OF FADERHEAD.

Oh, wait. Ha. So close. Although, his tour diary tells me he didn’t tour with (my) Joe and Dan, which means I am 30% less sad that I didn’t make it to any of his shows. I like being 30 % less sad. Have a picture of my coffee cup.

Yeah. My coffee cup totally has birds and flowers on it. The flowers look like wild roses, provincial flower of my provincial. This I just noticed. Or maybe they’re dogwood. The hell do I know about images stamped on coffee cups?

Not much, apparently. I know this, it’s a gloomy day and the gloom permeates. Perhaps tomorrow will be a good day for doing the unstuck. I need to decide if I’m going skating tonight, or working more on Hansel’s scene. It’s only 400ish words long right now, and I’m only 60% happy with the words my back-brain chose, so we’ll need to work on that.

My new glasses are in (optometrist. My other new glasess (online) also came in but I need to see if the optometrist will adjust them, lest they burrow themselves into my brain like the world’s worst fitting hairband. Also, don’t all hairbands fit horribly? Hrm. Now I want to embed some Poison. Hairband! Anyway).

I like this song, today.


faderhead friday: let beauty loose.

This week’s episode of Faderhead Friday includes:

1. Faderhead

2. Roller Derby

3. Random reference to Nitzer Ebb in the blog title

4. Old Navy

5. the colour Pink

so, without further adieu:

1. Faderhead

I thought, since it’s Faderhead Friday and all, I’d start with the blurb about my 2012 boyfriend from STORMING THE BASE, Canada’s awesome electrco/industrial/ebm etc., music purchasing emporium.


What is left to say about Faderhead? That this is his 6th CD in 6 years? That his tracks fill dancefloors worldwide? That the uber-hit “TZDV” reached a million views on YouTube? That Faderhead kicks ass live? Everyone who’s been familiar with the German producer’s characteristic sound and vocals knows these things already. And that’s the reason why on “The World of Faderhead” he’s simply delivering what he does best: 12 electro-treasures, from rough (“Fistful of fuck You”) to fragile (“Nothing for Nothing”). Somewhere between Daft Punk, Depeche Mode and Rammstein. The world of Faderhead is familiar, but never the same. It’s heavy, but melodic at the same time. If you never heard of Faderhead before then start listening now.  If you already liked Faderhead before, you’ll love this CD even more! And if you’re a hater…well, this won’t help you, because the rest of the scene still loves Faderhead.

It’s true. I’m the scene and you know I love Faderhead. I am so super sad I couldn’t see him this year. I’m also super sad VNV totally lamesauced and didn’t come visit us either. But I am going to invite every single person I know to Aesthetic Perfection.   I realize I go on and on about these things, but at the end of the day, telling people about music I love means these boys (and they’re all boys, really) get paid and get to make more music and that = a happy pants. Is no different than hand-selling books or rambling on and on about some amazing indie film or some other (really, The Hunger Games doesn’t need my help).  Also! The new Faderhead does this awesome thing where the lyrics show up on the ipod/iphone while the song is playing, over the album cover. I was all WHOA THE FUTURE!

2. Roller Derby

I often claim that derby is the great equalizer. Sometimes it’s awesome and sometimes it’s the suck. And sometimes, Tron Funken’ Blows. This week’s freshmeat practice (pre-benchmarked skaters, but we can all go, and a bunch of us do) was kind of awesome. I was in No Mood To Go, but put on my big girl panties and went and had the most excellent of times. Bill & Ted would have appreciated. Wednesday we hit up our local Roller Rink (Ladies night is $3! It’s a loon and twoon! So cheap!), and skated in circles (derby really is nascar) to the dulcet tones of Strawberry Wine (SEVENTEEN, HOT JULY MOON SAW EVERYTHING. Also, stab me in the EYE). I always wear my gear because I’m not comfortable NOT wearing my gear anymore, which typically means I appear scarier than I am. This week, instead of actively trying to avoid the gaggles of wobbly girlies, I skated into and between them. I was actively trying not to be a douche, but in an effort to be more confident, I ended up in a couple of traffic jams in which the only solution was to Go Through. So I did. I stepped and shimmied and dodged and made it through a couple of really tight spots and didn’t feel freaked at all. It may have taken me a year and a half to get here, but being here? Is blinking awesome.

**i am merely a product of the life that i’ve lived**

sorry, random Assemblage 23 moment. Anyway, yes. Confidence. It’s good. Next step is to not lose my team on the track, and I’ll be golden. Or at least tarnished with slightly polished spots. I’ll take those too.

3. Nitzer Ebb (see blog title)

4. The Colour Pink

Really, this is because I’m pretty much wearing a fuschia cardigan. Wait. I am wearing a cardigan that is pretty much fuschia not, I am mostly wearing a cardigan. Sheesh. And a tank top that has stamped tulip flowers on it (sans stems), and my bee earrings. I’m all spring has sprung. I also took a tour of the Old Navy, where tank tops with tulip flowers on them are a whopping $2.97. Serious. I wanted to also wear my purple + orange Fluevogs but the toes are just too tight. I brought them to work with me, though, and am going to hit the Fluevog store shortly and see if they can open up the boxes. Sounds like code. It ain’t.

Otherwise? It’s magic loose end clean up day. Tomorrow are league photos and Sunday I might have to play my first really-real derby game (if any more of my team comes down with the plague). So it bodes well that the last two times on skates were super affirming.

Anyway, these are all good things. My life is good. My friends are awesome and I like you alot.

faderhead friday: all your aesthetics belong to us

exciting things are afoot!

firstly, I am writing this post on my brand new computer, who I have named Ashbel, as I said I would. Hot damn for the follow through.  it’s pretty, this macbook air, who has fancy trackpads of fancyness that mean I am randomly shrinking windows that should not be shrunk.

secondly, we received word that this dashing gent, Mr. Graves of Aesthetic Perfection (really, AP is  only Mr. Graves), will be bringing his wee tour (with X-Rx, which you may remember I also mentioned in last week’s Faderhead Friday postings!) to a city near me (being, here and there!).  For those of you playing along at home, and or those of you who read my twitter/tumblr, you know I have Feelings for Mr. Graves.  Seriously. If more manly-men (and, having seen Mr. Graves on tour a few times, I will attest his men is damned manly) wandered around ye olde prairie town bedecked as this? I would be far more inclined to pursue the fine arts of both wooing and wiles.

thirdly! i received awesome presents of lacey knits and coffee pots and skulls and pins proclaiming sexual terrorist and tea and random bits of fabric, in packages, that baffle. I decided that instead of assuming because the trip to Asia I wanted is now the trip to Asia I am having that it will lack moments of supreme awesome, I have decided to just go to Asia with the expectation of brand new shiny unexpected awesome.  I will have more time to be left to my own devices, but at the end of the day I will be having an adventure in a land that is insanely foreign to me, tempered by the existence of someone who is very important to me, who is with me daily, who I am with daily, who is amazing and wonderful and makes my heart expand in four places every time I think of him. So. Provided nothing changes, and things often do, I will be going to Asia, sometime in the late fall. To Taiwan, where addresses are so peculiar I am going to be putting them in the Ellis book because sometimes reality is weirder than fiction.

Actually it’s most of the time.

fourthly! I am reading The Drowning Girl, and I am so bloody excited. I’ve read perhaps 50 pages and it’s already my second favourite book in the last year. No, maybe the 3rd, since I can’t remember exactly when I read The Road anymore, so 3rd! I say 3rd, but I know that by the time I am done it will be the 2nd and oh, poor Night Circus you will have lost to my beloved Caitlin R. Kiernan, whose writing I have always loved, and who, finally, after eleven or so books, has written a character I might just fall in love with.



faderhead friday: let the substances control

I had some thought about lists, and posts about Good Things, or things that are making me giggle, or providing amusement of ANY sort,  and what they’re usually called (often involving alliteration) and consistency and then realized Faderhead & Friday both start with F.

I know!

So, this is it, new feature, Faderhead Fridays. At least until next week when I forget about it or am too busy looking for my ps3 controller (still) and am otherwise distracted.

For those of you playing along at home, you must know by now that I love me some Faderhead.  If you’re really paying attention you’d realize the last 2 posts before this one ALSO mentioned Faderhead. Anyway. He’s fun, he makes me laugh and reminds me of this really awesome time I had this one time in a warehouse in Montreal.

So, what is about this week that’s deserving of a Faderhead?

I really adore my acupuncturist, who, when trying to puncture my glutes (or, alternately the bum, as I like to call it), burst out laughing. This may, under certain circumstances be disarming. In this case, it was because my bum muscle was so tight, the human-hair thin (practically, these needles are slim trimmers) wouldn’t go in. At all.  It just kind of hung out in the epidermis (as she calls it, I call it the protective flabby layer) and required a specific amount of coaxing. I have a snug bum. It makes me laugh.

Roller Derby. I’m really excited about Roller Derby right now. I should be nervous, because although, for all technicalities, I am a Kill Jill (kind of a default move, yay for small leagues), we do have to try out to play in our giant tournament in April. I think it’s awesome that I am skating this much. I’m skating so much I’ve noticed fairly impressive changes in my body (don’t look for me to be much smaller, you probably won’t notice), but there is less waggle in my wiggle, or at least it feels that way and whatever, I’m a libra. Feelings are where it’s at. Anyway, I am not attached to the outcome of this tryout business, save that I’d be super disappointed not to make the team (confusing contradictory statements abound!), but! also pretty excited that at 40 years old I tried out FOR A TEAM. Score one for things that have never happened before. Technically I could make this a bucket list item. Fo’reals. So yes. Faderhead Fridays, roller derby is part of that awesome.

In consumerist news, these Miu Miu Summer 2012 handbags are killing me with their ridiculous, over the top/understated awesome. They are sweet and sugared and delightful to behold (and one of a kind!), and if I were not a vegetarian and had a decently status-fied sugar daddy, I would so be traipsing around with one of these over my arm. Hells to the Yes.

I get it, it’s crazy. It’s also 2K, which is beyond ridiculous (okay, maybe it’s only 1.5K, at this point, that’s semantics and still made of dumbsauce). But, in a crazy world, this is a super beautiful handbag. There’s a pretty good chance that Miu Miu Summer 2012 is going to show up in Ellis, somewhere. A ball, an event, some classy Wonderland something or other in which there is tea and everyone wears a cape low on their shoulders with a bow that’s gone askew (seriously, Miu Miu is doing that this year and I am ALL OVER IT). So, someone go to one of those faraway places and buy me a knock off (something I am generally against, in the way of appreciating art and all that, but you know). I will wait here.

I realize if you want to be all hip and edgy you need to love McQueen (and, logically, I do), but there is something about tea-party crazy that appeals.


If it helps any, this Louis Vitton is 33 thousand dollars. That is 17 thousand more dollars than what i paid for my car.




okay, to be fair they are both boxy + cute. And the handbag is better on gas AND doesn’t need oil changes. But I am not sure the handbag could ever go by Brian Alexander theToast, or carry 400lbs of dog food and various greyhounds, so it loses. Sorry handbag. We’ll keep in touch.