i am

a writer of very short stories

in which people die

in the end.

Who is technically, perpetually, working on a couple of novels.

“Gingerbread” – it’s Hansel & Gretel, it’s angels and blood cults. It’s God! It’s spooky houses in the middle of nowhere, it’s love!

“And all the rest is Silence (Ellis, Underground)” – post apoclytpic, dystopic slightly gutter/steampunk except there’s no victoriana something or other. It’s a murder mystery, it’s a tale of stolen memories. It’s about love!

“The Mourning Wolves”: a fire, the wilds of Northern Alberta, wendigos and a dude named Ash.

I have been a felt-wrangling bauble-stringer, derby girl, copy-writer and a video clerk. I was a Managing Editor with Ideomancer Speculative Fiction for six years, have been a member of and a freelancer for the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, I know how to throw a 3-foot snakewhip and have travelled almost 8 thousand kilometres to dance.

I have an unhealthy attachment to Queer as Folk and believe the world should contain less roller coaster and more cotton candy.


“And when you’ve returned to dry land,
back into your roles,
where the world tells you what to do again,
right before you start doing it,
you’ll smirk and think to yourself
“That was big, big, fun.”

-j. mayer

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