I don’t always listen to music when I’m writing, sometimes I have background tv and sometimes silence. But that doesn’t mean there’s not tracklistings anyway, and that the books don’t have soundtracks. I’m also entirely comfortable listening to the same song for hours on end so it matters not that these lists are short :D



  • Psyche: Goodbye Horses (they get a brief mention in the novel)
  • Speak to me of Abduction: William Control
  • Never take Fire: Ghost & Writer (also Frank from Seabound)
  • The Lightning Strike: Snow Patrol (a band I don’t usually ‘listen’ to, but I find their music great for writing)
  • Dorian: Agnes Obel
  • I Walk Slow: DSTR
  • The Crow: Hurts
  • Teeth & Claws: Psyche
  • Down in the Woods: VALHALL

Ellis, Underground: 

(*title will change due to yanno, the main character’s name changing maybe from Ellis to Kaatje. Long story.)

  • In the Air Tonight (Cover): Dead When I Found Her
  • The Burial (Aimon mix): Seeming
  • Kill the Lights: David Usher
  • Indoctrinate Me: Cygnets
  • Aegis: Johnny Hollow
  • Dying in the Worst Way: Aesthetic Perfection (version: Necessary Response)

HNA has no soundtrack. I dunno what that means.


The Last of Us soundtrack. OMG it’s gorgeous.

And Muscle & Marrow – lady fronted doom/drone. Seriously.

Strvngers- mostly local, absolutely lovely hooligans and also dancing.

Lionhearts – Frank Spinath side project. Do I need to say more?

The Blood of Others – spooky witchy dancey madness.