books, a list

anyway! for those of you playing along at home, I got my mitts on an ereader (not quite yet, it’s on its way), and so had to get some books for said reader! I could, of course, just go the library (since I am getting a sony touch) or download one of ninemillion free books from google, but no!
instead, we shop!

because we love new books although I must admit, I love holding new books and I worry about the ereader and yeah. I do, but! this is the list so far:

Under the Poppy (best title ever): Kathe Koja
New Amsterdam: Elizabeth Bear (I’ve read some of this, not the whole thing tho! and there’s another coming out, so!)
Alabaster: Caitlin R. Kiernan (I missed the edition that SubPress put out and lo’, now there is this edtion and so, also, much rejoicing)
and for the fun of it, a JJA Vampire anthology whose title escapes me but the cover art is made to look like The Lost Boys movie poster and so I am tickled.

more thoughts on the reader once its in my wee little hands. :) Hrm, now the thing needs a name, I suppose.