status: me

  • the first discovery drafty draft of Happily Never After, which needs a better title, for the love of sandwiches. I just can’t come up with one. Anyway, I finally finished it earlier this week. It’s 88K and the goal is to get it t at least a hundred, which shouldn’t be hard.
  • I started working on the girl/fox/side of the road story – How Easily We Burned When the Fire was Upon Us – and it is clearly written in the same world as The Mourning Wolves, which I might write next, unless I decide to write the big second world fantasy (Ellis, Underground).Anyway, short stories are fun, and this one is rambling like a rambling thing.
  • I finished Witcher 3, and dang, Geralt. Let me show you my heart eyes.
  • I accidentally deleted all my saved data for Dragon Age:I (ask me how many hours of work that was, and how many days of Dorian kisses? SO MANY HOURS)
  • I did not go to Whitehorse, or Yellowknife (yet)
  • I went to Mexico and reset my sympathetic nervous system (it was an excellent idea)
  • I’ve seen a bunch of movies
  • I’m a terrible bullet journal tracker for anything but books & movies
  • I have fallen way down the fountain pen hole, and I’m a better person for it.