well that was just an incredibly long week.

Man. Work is kicking my ass, so writing in most of its forms was sponsored by:


But then Saturday morning rolled around and I must have had a good snooze or eaten my wheaties or just been so full o’ words that I finally, finally wrote approx 1500K on the brand new chapter I added to Gingerbread to a) slow down the top end a bit and b) spend more time with the characters before I make their lives shitty. Apparently this is a thing writers are supposed to do. Don’t fret, I’ve only been at this for like 20 years. I’ll get all the tricks down eventually.

Then, I went to Beakerhead, and there were lights and science! and EDM and ROBOTS WITH SMOKE AND FIRE. I’m talking 10 foot robots and they were awesome. I ate mini donuts and caught zero pokemon cuz pokemon? You are on crack. I hatched a 10K egg and it was a stupid as what Jynx (dudes, take a look at that pokemon. Is horrible. And hardly rare. And definitely not appropriate.) But just as i was bitching about that, a magnemite and a jigglypuff showed up so, whatevs. I win you, pokemon. I could rule the world with all the Clefairies I have lying around.

Here’s an awesome thing: Exclaim! is streaming the new Cygnets release, and holy cheesedoodles, it is freaking’ awesome. These boys can just go ahead and take my money. They played one of the early-early opening slots at Terminus a couple of years ago and gah. Hearts ever since.

Yoga today, and it’s yoga for chubby people and it’s awesome. Any physical activity that doesn’t make me feel like a giant ill-formed ball of goop is A+++ in my books, so yes. It helps that it’s next to the bookstore. Today’s haul:

I’ve been eyeballing Wink, Poppy, Midnight since the beginning of time, but then my friend, Leah, extolled virtues on the twitters so I handed over my dollars. More Happy Than Not was just on the list, and I was going to buy it last week, but then bought Monstress instead:

I also realized SAGA VI is out, and OMG. But there’s still the matter of the fact that I haven’t read the last Sex Criminals, either (which is hilarious. It’s not hilarious that I haven’t read it, is just hilarious in general). So. I think I need to dedicate an evening a week to reading or something but man, i need a time expander for all the things I wish to do. I finally broke down and bought a paper agenda thingamajiggy.

(i also bought Labyrinth Lost last week, which looks super fun and yes. So many books, so many hours in the day I spend at my cubile. INSERT SAD FACE HERE).

Okay.  I should get some words in.

I can totally tell I haven’t done yoga in a while. My whole body is like “oh, hai! you have a muscle here. Good job! Weeee”.

(also, trying to align these pictures in this post is making me cranky. go home, wordpress, you’re drunk)