here’s some stuff re: stuff

I feel like I have been up to a million things of late, so the rundown.

I went to TERMINUS, our local industrial/dark music festival. I loved it. Have some Hello Moth, who is lovely and may change your mind about just who gets invited to play at an industrial festival. I wrote an article covering the festival, published over at COMA music magazine.  I’m headed to Coldwaves in Chicago at the end of September, and may do some work on their media as well.

I started going to spin class, and today my calves hurt. I started floating, as in isolation-bobbing in a tub of epsom salts floating and discovered 90 minutes of forced relaxation is kind of amazing. I bought a bed, because Dan Savage said I should.  It’s amazing.  I’ve been doing a bunch to fix my chronic pain issues,  which is exhausting and also expensive – I used up all my work bennies, which super sucks because paramedical stuff ain’t cheap, yo’, but I’m hoping it helps.

I’m still editing the novel, I had a unrelated to the chronic pain medical thing going on which, I realize in retrospect, destroyed my focus, and now my little boat is just trying to get back to shore, but the novel waits and I’ll get back to it. I can see land in the distance, anyway.

I have been submitting short fiction, and doing my best not to let rejection get me down. It doesn’t, really. Except a tiny bit, like “oh, damn”, big-sigh for effect and all that.

I watched Ex Machina this weekend, which I loved (no one told me it was also a horror movie), and organized all of the things in two different households. I recently decided I wanted to spiff up t-shirts with peter-pan collars, so went to ye olde internet and figured out how to make them, and have made two, now, and one bracelet and I’m all about the sewing machine at the ‘mo. Maybe when the light’s better I’ll take a photo for posterity.

Otherwise? I’m just doing the stuff that I do. It’s good over here :)