in which we add and subtract.

actually did work on the wip, and Ellis (revert back, old name is good new name. Isn’t that the way it works all the time?) lost some bits and gained some bits.

Lost this, which I like and want to put back in, somewhere:

She holds out her hands but the rain,
slips right through
puddles the same dark as suffocation on the balcony floor.
This is how night falls in the seventh tip.
Like drowning.

Basically all I’ve done is add what I’ve subtracted. This is not entirely the way to grow a novel but after some pretty awesomely awesome chats at Wiscon things were figured out enough that I’m marginally (ahem) confident we can keep on going.

Later, we’ll get to this, found on the Steamfashion LJ page, ages ago:


dudes, I may have an umbrella fetish.