con/sumed (contains spoilers)

okay. So I finally, finally finished Cronenberg’s Consumed, and lo’ did I enjoy it, and lo’ did it make me go: o.O also? Some weird plot choices, Dave.  I’m just not even sure why we completely, more or less, abandoned Nathan and his weird STI, or why we moved away from Naomi and Nathan’s POVs into Aristide’s (the novel is about Aristide supposedly killing/eating his wife and how that came about. Also, if you are interested, Cronenberg’s recently released short film is a companion piece to the book and you should go watch it) when, really, what interests me is not the inside-brain of the dude that maybe at his wife, but the brains of the two journalists who find this guy Interesting, and their completely awkward, twisted/weird non-functional relationship.

So, enjoyed, but enjoyed the first third way better than the last half. Which I know doesn’t even make The Math, but hrmity. If you like Cronenberg, and if you like Gibson (William, logically), there’s a very, very good chance you’ll like this book.