hello there.

one or two or nine of my favourite things (any reason why favourite things can’t take up more than one space?) in coming home is the complete silence-not-silence. The rumble-gurgle of the fridge, the sleepy cheaps of a 42gram wonderbirdie. The quite of sunbeams and people walking overhead.

I am as fond of loud, cacaponous explosions of joy and synthesizers as i am of this.

Just this.

In grand tradition i forgot one of my xmas gifties at mamas and papas, i suspect, on the night stand. Alas. It will meet up with me later, when the moon is full and the dogs are howling. It’s a ring, and it’s all big and modern and crazy and awesome.

there were flowers for fascinators purchased, all dusty victorian travel-back-in-time because they’re autumn, all fall leaves and forget-me-knots, and I adore them.

so let's kick the last nail in.
because it's opening night.

and I’m excited to make them and build and see what secrets they tell to strangers in run-down drinking bars at 3am.

Hrm, this is what happens when you’re romantigoth at heart.

I spent a lot of time thinking about Ellis, Underground. I think Ellis needs a wandering-adventure-companion, and I decided I’d like that to be Theo, previously from “Failing the Rorschach Test” and other stories. Theo-not-Theo. Same vein anyway, some rivethead/cybergoth mashup with a penchant for kevlar.  I figure it’s rough out there in Umbrella, better take back up.