Gingerbread (3) .

today’s writing was not the whiz-bang speed race of yesterday or the day before. I have managed my 500 words, which were all edits (hence the slowness). The scene is Haven, my MC, meeting Aiden the Blood King for the first time. I wrote to Johnny Hollow, and, no surprise, given the inspiration for the Blood King, William Control:


Suddenly he wasn’t scary anymore, just intense, like he was used to having to make his point through body language. Through words and how he entered a room. He shifted. We weren’t touching anymore and I could see more of the tattoo that covered his neck. Script. I could feel my lips move as I tried to read it.

“Now you’re really staring.” He raised his hand and pointed to the place above the knot of his tie.

“What does it say?”

It was a second or two before he answered. He took a breath and the look on his face made me think he wasn’t going to tell me. But he did.

His hand went to his neck, fingers grazing his collarbone under the shirt. “It says ‘Love will tear us apart’.”

I wasn’t expecting poetry.


He laughed. “Also true, no?”

I thought of Terror. I thought of being wasted and miserable and useless. I remembered lying on the floor in my own filth trying to convince myself it’d be fine if I died too. Drowning in the kind of never-ending misery that hurts everywhere and you never know if it’s going to get better. If it’s going to stop. “I guess so.” But it was true. I knew it, and Aiden knew it. I looked at him, and all the days of missing Terror welled up in my chest.

“I wish I knew where Emerick was.” It was true. I did. I wanted to tell Aiden about the box, and the paper. I wanted to tell him everything. Not because he was the Blood King, and not because he was Crimson. But because his tattoo said ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, and you don’t get a tattoo like that unless it already has.


and, scene.

Good night, and good mornings.