on semi-colons and full. stop.

canopies. I hadn’t thought of them before. I think they were a piece, missing. The word I haven’t used that I can remember and i think instead of lattice-work ceilings. Instead of awnings. But they should do something else, too. I just don’t know what.

The ribs I had, and in my head they were the waterways, but each would separate a part of Ferrulle and if there were 7, and the pieces, if each were large enough to hold a place part of the whole that could have a different weather pattern (oh, there’s no science in this one, kids), then perhaps the ribs being the arteries and veins aren’t quite right. They are, visually, but each artery/vein would be far far from each other. Main waterways, perhaps, with tributaries and streams elsewhere. That elsewhere, connecting to each other in simpler ways, wide enough only for narrow boats and crossed by bridges.

It’s possible I need this drawn out. It’s possible it’s still bigger than I am.

This is the best part of being critiqued. It makes you think things you didn’t, before.