end.point is that a cougar?

Day 1

  • BlackOpz
  • X-RX
  • Aesthetic Perfection
  • Decoded Feedback

what i learned? In my next life as a Patron of the Arts, I will be opening a school for under-funded/supported ebm musicians. Logically, all of these musicians will be under 27, but over 21, and the majority of them will be German. Some, but not all, will be blond. This is my review of the X-Rx set, who I have seen before, but good gravy. Germans! My ovaries!  I have come to understand that you can’t actually avoid CougarDom. It sneaks up. It’s a predatory cat, after all.

BlackOpz were crunchy fun, not life-changing, but the fellow seemed nice when we, once the club lights had come up and tear down was complete and we were still sitting at a table, yipping, finally left the establishment and said hello. We were halfway to the car when Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection) came around the corner. Oh, vodka. Oh, Daniel. Oh, my sister. Patient musicians are patient.

I love AP. I just do. Today I’m altering the AP shirt I bought for new improved wearability! It’s full of Daniel’s head and looks like a circus poster. I consider this a WIN.

Decoded Feedback, aside from being the Seniors of the show, were kind of awesome. I only know them in periphery, but I was super-appreciating their atmosphere, and my table mate, who was also once known as my Fake!Roomate due to how many nights he spent asleep on my couch, kept telling us the story of how, on a fateful day in 1996, he saw Decoded Feedback open for Covenant at Lee’s Palace and there were all of 7 people there. The idea of only 7 people seeing Covenant, albeit in 1996, makes me sad.

Later, we had arguments about Blacq Audio.

We rolled into the house just before 3am.

I have zero complaints.

Today, God Module.