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a setup for a rap on duct tape. Or something.

I must be sleeping well or something because the dreams have been super crazy. The two weirdest were:

1) finding Theo Flurry (hockey player..?!) drunk under a bush and having to take care of him. We became chums. It was kind of nice. When I woke up I had to google Flurry because I couldn’t figure out how I knew what he looked like. Turns out, I kind of did. Except dream-Theo looked a bit less ‘Hockey’. If you are from a place in which hockey is a thing, you will understand what I mean.

2) yelling at someone, emphatically, that they were going to finish their book by June and that was IT DAMNIT. Karin and I are pretty focussed right now on maintaining momentum on the projects we are working on, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t yelling at her in my dream, but myself. So my new goal for the final draft of The Place Where We Belong is June 1. As in June 1 it is with an agent. Perhaps not an agent that will rep it, but an agent that is reading it. Big deal for wee me.

I am weirdly enjoying Nicki Minaj’s “Only”, which I won’t link because it’s 100% NSFW, and it’s not the lyrics, because o.O, but the backing track. There’s the Chris Brown problem, as he does sing on the track, and that really does cause me concern, but also. The spooky metronome makes me so happy. I wonder if there’s an instrumental version?

I have been happily playing 2 survival games: The Long Dark and Don’t Starve! they are weirdly similar, and yet not overly alike. I figured, being Canadian, I’d be great at The Long Dark, but I have only survived about 3 days. Ah, well. Hand me my toque.

From where I sit I can smell the new tea I bought, an organic Earl Grey blend called Madame Grey, that has safflower and citrus peel in with the bergamot. I am not a fancy tea drinker,  not even by half. But I love earl grey in all of its incarnations. This batch is from Ollia Macarons, a new macaron boutique here whose treats remind me of Maison du Macaron in Montreal. I love macarons. They make me happy.

(I have the doggies today and Tasha Yar is having a dream it would seem).

In travel news, I have determined that I am going to WFC this year, and knowing that makes me feel settled and happy + good. I haven’t been to a con in years, but for some reason going to a convention to be among the People makes sense to me right now.

Edward Hermann passed away.  While I did watch Gilmore Girls, he will always be Max, Vampire Dad, to me.  The Lost Boys is on our list of possible podcast movies. You really can’t beat the Frog Brothers.

Today’s plans:

work on the synopsis for The Place Where We Belong – a thing which really does show you where you need more conflict/tension. I have always been afraid of the dreaded Synop, but I’m coming to this one with such a place of Zen that it’s not bothering me at all. That’s the difference, I think, between this book and the other’s I’ve written. This one feels like we’re in it together, which is a pretty awesome way to be.

drink some tea (soon)

go through the glassware and pack some up for the thrift shop



reading! (David Leviathan’s Two Boys Kissing – which is lovely, and so heartbreaking and makes me want to go re-read Last Watch of the Night)

That feels doable, yes? :)

Okay, friends. Have a glorious day.





Technically today is still The Weekend, but then, as of tomorrow? Two weeks vacation! I will be reading, and writing and maybe finishing Arrow S2, so I can catch up and watch S3,  there will be Mockingjay matinees, complete with oodles of tissues (I have watched The Hunger Games/Catching Fire a gabillion times, and every. single. time. WATER).

Finally read Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn, a short,  literary kind of contemporary YA that uses some supernatural tropes to maybe be supernatural, which is the most I can say without overly spoilering the all of it. It’s short, efficient, and although off the top I found the language a bit formal, considering the protags age when the story starts, by the end it made sense given the subject matter. Anyway, I’d wanted to read this one for a while. It was quick, intense, and I liked it.  I’m a fan of words used seriously. Not to say there’s no place for whimsy, but written words are so vital, that. Oh. Well. You know.  I always want to feel the things that exist within bone & viscera.

I’m still working on The Place Where We Belong, the first two chapters feel right & good, a thing I haven’t been able to say about this book for a while. Both of them have gone through three or four revisions, about as many as I expect the book as a whole to take. Vacation will be fixing up chapters 3 & 4, a funeral scene, and the scene I lovingly call The Diner Scene. TDS is really, really important as it sets up the relationship between Aiden (mentioned here before, the Blood King of Bellsend) and Haven, my MC. Their relationship is a big subplot of the book (maybe not all that sub, really) hitting on my themes of makeshift families, a thing I write about all of the damn time. I am nothing if not consistent.

and now, because I can, here’s my boyband, Cygnets: (I can’t stop listening to Sleepwalkers. Clicky link to listen to their whole album).

This is the new video. Pretty sure my fave part is the two soft-around-the-middle Portlandia Beardos having smooches:



Chubby girls! Gay dudes! Lesbians, POC! Diversity FTW!


We’re Chicks! On Flicks!

The Crow is not having a good day.
The Crow is not having a good day.


This week, well, over the last week and a bit, we (being K and I) did a thing – not only did we learn how to use various audio editing programs, one of us figured out how to send an RSS podcast over to ye olde itunes, and the two of us got our social medias together,  and put on our podcast pants, for this:

Episode 1 of CHICKS on FLICKS, (also, can I just say this is my fave pic of Brandon Lee as the Crow ever. My wee goth heart wants to sit on his lap and have him read me spooky bedtime stories) is live!

I’m not saying our podcast is bedtime-story ready, but I’m not saying it’s not, either. We had a great time putting it together, learned a lot and we’ll only get better! So please, if you have some time, check it out!

it was too dark and too large to find your soul in.

the clock struck midnight, which means scrivener’s word count reset – at last count I was over 600, and I must have written two or three hundred more, so  I feel Good, as the kids say, about the word count.

here’s where we are at, via the mighty screen cap:


Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.18.54 AM

My wee homage to Master McCarthy, and a bathtub.

Tonight’s new bits and edit bits included bloodletting, a fake! trip to the bathroom, grilled cheese sandwiches and and inability to spell sandwich.

I will take almost 61K, however. The diner scene, where Haven actually meets the Blood King, will shortly be rewritten for the 4th time, because that’s how we get our kicks.

Also, am super jelly that I am not at WFC. Sad Face. Not the least of which is that the Voynich MSS is taking a wee tour, a thing it hasn’t done IN MY LIFETIME.

/sad panda



and now july.

Somehow, July has started. I am looking for June under the covers; lifting corners, peeking around bedposts and beneath the cushions of chairs. I suspect its hiding, confused about how many days it has, how much summer its allowed to take up.

July means CampNaNoWriMo, 30 days long and 322/words a day. It’s such a simple, easy goal. Right. :D

I’m also going to attempt Radical Self Love July, a month-long instagram challenge. Today is “silly selfie day” – while I’m not overly fussed about always looking Fabulous! I do admit feeling a certain desire to at least shower before I do this. Given that it’s 2:20pm (all night dance parties mean late wake-ups), I need to shake some tail-feathers.

But I did eat noodles and broccoli. So I feel pretty accomplished.  Albeit still a bit hungry.

Also: my feet hurt, I’m tired and don’t have much energy, but am super bummed there’s no more dancing today.

if your friends don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine.

A post on dancing, for posterity.

This weekend, the mighty fine folks at a basement pub (Dickens. They Rule) put on, what is, the largest Industrial music festival on the west-side of North America. TERMINUS is in it’s third year, and what insanity it was.

So, here’s the lineup. Bands I’ve seen before get an asterix. Bands I would see again in 3.1 seconds get an exclamation point, bands I wouldn’t be disappointed to see on a bill again get a tilde.

Day 1

Die Warzau~
Mr. Kitty~
Alter De Ruine
Tactikal Sekt

I’ve seen [:SITD:] twice, but adore them. Psyche, the old school boys from Edmonton were just wicked to watch – older, more confident. Secure in what they were doing, and a believable Joy Division cover (Oh, and one of Goodbye Horses, too) which makes those of us in the audience who are of a certain age, super happy.

Day 2!



{iVardensphere: Singularity}*~



Kevorkian Death Cycle!!!



Decoded Feedback*

So, [product] is least one half of Talking to Ghosts, the podcast out of Portland I’m really enjoying – you can’t really go wrong with harsh ebm  portlandian vegans, I figure. I enjoy not because I’m mad for harsh EBM, but because Michael seems like a super swell dude who loves music, and portland and vegan pubs and these are all things I can get behind. iVardensphere is semi-local, and shows up fairly consistently. This set was him, a table, drum pads and whirly beep machines. That’s it. We stood around him and he played his whirly beeps and it was good, and fun. Normally iVardensphere are 300 people on stage playing tribal EBM, so it was pretty wicked to have that intimate experience with all those folks.

Kevorkian Death Cycle! Egads! SO fun. Any band you get to see after knowing of them for +20yrs is kind of awesome.

3 Teeth. Rumour has it 3 Teeth are saving the future of Industrial Music. I’m not actually going to disagree, here, as their sound is solid, their stage presence well crafted, and they are, it would seem, The Whole Package (now, TWP is either good, or it’s not). If Industrial is your bag, I recommend. Go, click a link.

Now. HAUJOBB! I’m marry Haujobb when I grow up. Daniel Myer (who is the Jobb in Hau) played Terminus last year – anything he touches seems to be instantly loved, but before last year I’d never really listened to what Daniel, himself, was putting out. I realize this makes me an idiot. He’s fun, dedicated, charming, cute as a button, german, and understands that if you put him (in his other guise as Architect) next to an extremely loud band from France (we’ll get to that on day 3), then playing the Cookie Monster/Rebecca Black mashup and Beastie’s Fight for Your Right will be the smartest move you make, possibly ever. I have learned that whatever Haujobb does (like a cover of the sister’s Lucretia, My Reflection. Hell, to the O) I will like. It will make me happy.

Day 3


Dead on TV


Rabbit Junk


Author & Punisher!




Ok! Day 3! So excited, and so very tired at this point. Pro-Tip: there is very little you can do to 1) not be tired and 2) save your feet/lower back on the 3rd day of a music festival in which the first band comes on at 5:30pm, and the last stops between 1:30 and 2 am. Or, in the case of Covenant, slightly after that.

Comaduster played last year, but being an early band, we’d actually missed them. They were invited back, moved up higher on the bill, and are, in fact, loved now. If you’ve figured out already that this weekend’s sound-selection was tough ‘n crunchy, you may enjoy. Click on the link.

NOW! can we talk about Author & Punisher, one guy with Contraptions who is thud-good and put me into an actual trance? I get I was tired, but no word – I am pretty sure I was in a secondary location during half of his set; a place where everything was good and nothing hurt. F’reals. Here’s a snippet from the official site:

Described most succinctly as “industrial doom,” this one-man project utilizes primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers. From Shone’s background and current position as a mechanical engineer, his designs and devices draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics with also a focus upon the eroticism of interaction with machine.

Holy cheese on toast I loved it. So much. I want AP & Zoe Keating to craft a super spooky soundtrack to something. Anything. Something with lots of red, red blood and trees. Great, dry-limbed trees that creak in the wind, whose roots lift and when they settle the whole earth shudders. It would be incredible + happy making. And yes.

Okay! Now! More Daniel Myer, this time as Architect. I’m still marry Haujobb one day, so that hasn’t changed, but Myer followed Chrysalide, the angriest men in france. Holy shitballs was their set loud (go earplugs). I thought, for reals, I might fall right over due to the wall o’ sound. Anyhoo, not my bag, sure they’re nice boys, I went and sat down for a while, but! Daniel Myer. I just adore him. Haujobb/DSTR/Architect, don’t matter what we call him it’s just another word for Love.

Our Covenant friends closed out the night, with a set that was so long (normally not something we complain about around here) I thought I wouldn’t actually make it through the whole thing, at least not upright. I actually hired my fellow to hold me up during their 2nd last song, just so I could dance through the last one. I was out of spoons. Completely and utterly. But! So much ridiculous fun. I can’t even. It was spent with my sister-friend, a newish friend we made at Terminus last year, and a feller she found on the hotel shuttle. I have no complaints. At all.

I’m exhausted and the house looks like a hurricane hit it, but right now the room is quiet save the hum of the fridge. I’m going to make toast and have some juice and enjoy Canada day. I love it here, it’s a really good place.





London Town

Hate, I would forever lie
I would fake all the times
That you broke me down misery
Hate, covered in broken glass
My skeleton bones will last
Far beyond flowers and dust
So where would I be?

Love, the feeling I’ve lost control
Failing so beautiful
When you left me there, misery
Hate blacken my artery
Harden my every fiber of grief stricken love
So where would I be?

Sadness in London Town
I walk the streets of Leicester Square
Sadness in my own heart sound
I walk till dawn then disappear.

-William Control


{listening: william control (Seduction. Dismemberment. Salvation. Destruction/Strangers/Omnia Vincint Amor)}

I’m entirely obsessed with William Control. Entirely Too (not really), although, yes. Just yes. And there’s a line in “The Velvet Warms and Binds”: “I want a violate act of sin” Violate. Instead of Violent. Two separate meanings, yes, but why one over the other when the separation just isn’t that wide and/or vast and yet because it’s a word being chosen over the other, it becomes terribly important to recognize the difference between violate and violent. One is kinder than the other. Or more concerned with outcome or even more personal. I’m stuck on it, either way. I’m finding the use of violate more interesting. It’s stumped me, this idea of dismissing and disregarding the laws of sin. I’ve actually been thinking about this for days.

Clearly I don’t have important things to do. But then if you don’t find this important? You confuse me.

(and oh, look, while trolling williamcontrol tumblr tags, after all the vampire RPGS and OMGWC notes, there’s my post. About SAM and WC and Enemy List and Ultrasound. I’m a nerd. Also, I have been listening to nothing but WC on the portable listening device..for 20 days. TWENTY. I’m a creepy old lady fangirl).